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Imagine a world without locks and keys! Imagine leaving all your possessions and valuables out in the open! Would they be safe? Since centuries, locks and keys have given us a sense of security. Today, technology and engineering have joined hands in designing sturdier and temper proof locks. It’s amazing to compare the simple locks of yesteryears with technological marvel of today and wonder how much they have evolved.

The need for round-the-clock and key service

Locks are prone to wear and tear due to consistent use, harshness of weather, time or sheer mishandling, just like everything else. That’s when you require a dependable locksmith; at Gold Locksmith Store we recognize how these technological marvels play a role in our day to day life, and in the event they malfunction you would require our help immediately. Whether it’s a key breaking in the lock or a faulty digital lock, we offer numerous solutions for all types of locksmith problems. Our lock and key service has kept the populace of Sarasota, FL safe and secure for over as decade.

Repair, installation, and maintenance of locks

We have a team of highly-trained technicians who are constantly updated with the nuances within the industry together with meticulous field training they can tackle all types of locks with confidence.  For clients who are not satisfied with their existing locking system, our technicians will advice them for an up-gradation, acquire the best possible locking devices to suit their budget and install them on their property. No one understands locks better than us – and that’s why we are the best lock and key service provider for every kind of lock-related problems in Sarasota, FL area.

Key creation and duplication services

Your neighborhood hardware store may have dupe you by getting a duplicate key made at a very cheap price, of course you felt  cheated because the sub quality key did not work properly and broke within a month. Quality is the most vital virtue of our work. Precision key cutting of all types is our specialty. Our technicians with years of experience, in their fully equipped mobile unit having a high-end key cutting machine would deliver a perfect specimen of the lost key.

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